Politics and Love (2017)

Politics and Love interprets Religion and Sentiment, one of 10 chapters in The History Show at the Kunstverein in Hamburg, taking a category from the 19th century and reframing it in the context of contemporary society. The project includes three parts: the MANIFESTO On Politics, On Love, On Das Archipel; the VIDEO Das Archipel, Politics and Love; and the SOUND PERFORMANCE by Lisa Schmalz und Pauline Jacob. The History Show at the Kunstverein in Hamburg reflects on 200 years of its life at the center of culture in Hamburg and beyond. As a reference project, Biennale des Friedens at the Kunstverein Hamburg (1985) complements Love and Politics.

Konzept: Nuriye Tohermes
Performance: Lisa Florentine Schmalz, Pauline Jacob
Ausstellung: 28.1. – 2.4.2017 Kunstverein Hamburg

Membra – 2017